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Jonathan Goldman - Tantric Harmonizer

The TANTRA OF SOUND Harmonizer  represents a new dimension of sound. Utilizing Synchro-Sound, the most advanced knowledge and techniques of sound developed by world-renowned Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman and his psychotherapist wife Andi, this recording features sonic frequencies that work on both the body and it's energy center--balancing and aligning both brainwaves and chakras at the same time, creating harmoney for you and a partner. The  TANTRA OF SOUND Harmonizer  will allow you to gently and swiftly enter deep states of relaxation and harmony.
Jonathan Goldman, named one of the Top 5 Most Popular New Age Musicians of All Time by New Age Retailer, has a large and growing audience. Goldman is a pioneer in the field of harmonics, a Grammy nominee, and a gold-selling artist who has appeared on Grammy-winning recordings. He has published numerous books considered the best in their field, including Healing Sounds (Inner Traditions) and the award-winning Tantra of Sound (Hampton Roads).
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