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Jonathan Goldman - The Lost Chord

The Lost Chord is a sonic journey through the chakras and the Kaballistic Tree of Life, designed for deep meditation and healing. The Lost Chord is both powerful and eminently listenable - a therapeutic musical masterpiece for healing and vibratory acceleration. It continues the concept of the award-winning, best-selling Chakra Chants but also integrates a totally new synthesis of ideas and sonics designed to explore sound as a transformational modality. Features sacred mantras, overtones and chants from the Hebrew, Hindu and Tibetan traditions as well as psycho-acoustic frequencies and sacred ratios that enable listeners to travel to other realms of consciousness and new planes of healing and self-transformation.
 Goldman is a pioneer in the field of harmonics and a gold-selling artist who has appeared on Grammy award-winning recordings and published numerous books considered the best in their field including Healing Sounds (Inner Traditions) and Tantra of Sound (Hampton Roads).
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