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Jonathan Goldman - Sacred Gateways

A powerful recording of sacred chants with drumming. Features Jonathan Goldman and Chant Masters from different traditions: Native American, Hindu, Mayan, Tibetan and Hebrew. Includes Om Mani Padme Hum, Hey Yungua and Om Namah Shivaya. Great for movement, dance and ceremony. 
Sacred Gateways is a divinely inspired collection of diverse healing atmospheres from Jonathan Goldman and Etherean Music. It features biorhythmic percussion and penetrating chants. Goldman augments those elements with natural field recordings and samples. This is more than the average meditation/chant CD. Even the most experienced listeners will find themselves humming and swaying as the chants and atmospheres swirl around their souls and hearts. The chants will captivate casual -- and even skeptical -- listeners as well. It is impossible to ignore these psychoactive soundscapes; that is why they are psychoactive -- they alter consciousness. While this CD stands on a level above most others, in terms of emotional and spiritual responses it compares favorably to the best efforts of Lisa Lynne, Dean Evenson, Constance Demby, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Jim Cole, Klaus Wiese, and Mathias Grassow. ~ Jim Brenholts
Personnel: Jonathan Goldman (drums); David Rugenstein, Geoff Johns (drums); Spirit Sounds.
Additional personnel: Eagle Cruz (chant).

1.) Hey Yungua -( 8:48) 
2.) Om Mani Padme Hum -( 10:07) 
3.) En Lak'ech -( 10:19)
4.) Om Namah Shivaya -( 6:47)
5.) Kodosh / Allah Hu -( 10:48) 
6.) Spirit of the Sound -( 10:31)

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